Strings Attached

He was supposed to be unattainable—but the circumstances have changed…

If there is anything April understands, it’s that it is only safe to foster feelings for people she can’t have. By focusing her romantic attention on unattainable people, she will never risk getting hurt by opening herself up to true love.

This has worked perfectly for years. While her married best friends Gavin and Jillian have been in a relationship since high school, April has satisfied herself with adoring them both secretly—and making sure never to rock their happy boat.

But when a persistent customer won’t stop making advances on April at work, she finds herself in a conundrum. If she tells him firmly that she isn’t interested in spending time with him, then she risks losing her job by angering a harmless customer. Alternatively, if she gives him an inch so he’ll leave her alone for the rest of her shift, then he takes a mile.

When Gavin and Jillian offer for Gavin to serve as April’s fake boyfriend for a day, the decision seems like an easy one. The customer will see she’s already been claimed by someone, and he’ll abandon his pursuit from then on.

But what should be a simple plan instead forces secrets to come to light that April never anticipated—and they’re going to change everything.

Strings Attached is Book 1 in the IT’S COMPLICATED series. It features an M/F main pairing in the context of an M/F1 and M/F2 polyamorous vee. Future books will continue following the same four characters introduced in this book and how their relationships develop.

This book is intended only for adult audiences.

Word Count: 20,000.

Tropes: Best friends to lovers, fake dating, polyamory, “I need to spoil you or I’m going to explode.”

Content Notes: [LINK]