It was supposed to be a stranger, not her boss…

On paper, Danielle Higgs is a quiet, reserved, unremarkable homebody. As the devoted personal assistant for Victor Hughes, owner and master craftsman behind V.W. Hughes Furniture, Danielle has little time for anything else—or so she’s happy to let everyone believe.

At least once a week, Danielle sneaks down to the mysterious Cherry Street glory hole, where she can indulge her wildest anonymous fantasies. Here, no one can see her. They can’t judge her for how eager she is to be used. It may not provide much intimacy, but given that Danielle has been unable to overcome her immense respect and adoration for Mr. Hughes over the past three years, she isn’t looking for a relationship anyway.

One fateful night, Danielle has an electric encounter on Cherry Street with a stranger. He brings her to exciting heights, fulfills her every need, and after he’s gone, she can’t get him off her mind.

When she discovers that this mysterious stranger and Mr. Hughes are one and the same, a new workplace temptation will threaten to overwhelm them both.

Release has high heat, low conflict, and no bleak moment. It features a bi M/F main pairing with a 20+ year age gap and a single POV.

This book is intended only for adult audiences.

Word Count: 73,000.

Tropes: Boss/personal assistant, age gap, mutual pining, no-strings-attached sex pact, autistic MC, ADHD MC, no bleak moment.

Content Notes: [LINK]