Painting Class

PaintingClass-300Ainsley’s first gallery showing is way out of her comfort zone. After teaching high school art for over a decade, she can’t think of anywhere else she’d rather be than the classroom, and especially not in front of a crowd of strangers ogling her paintings.

Salvation comes in the form of an insightful young woman who coaxes Ainsley to open up about her inspiration, her drive, and her sexuality. Sparks fly before Ainsley realizes that the young woman is her former student, Noma, freshly graduated from college. As Ainsley fights to reconcile her memories of Noma with the woman she’s become, they fall into a playful game of dominance and submission that will change their relationship forever.

Painting Class is the first story in the series Chiaroscuro. It is an erotic novelette, and features an interracial FF pairing.

Word Count: 12,000

Tropes: Teacher/former student, artistic MC, age gap, one-night stand, D/s play.

Content Notes: [LINK]