Commissions – Open!

Have you ever wanted to read a very specific story that no authors seem to be writing?

Is there a special kink that you never get to see? Maybe there is a specific character dynamic you’d like to enjoy? Do you want to gift a friend some content featuring your original characters together?

My writing commissions are open!


Ultimately I own this piece of writing. You may not claim to have written it and you may not publish it for any kind of financial gain. I reserve the right to use these pieces as free stories for those who join my mailing list in the future. You must ask my permission to post your story publicly anywhere, and I reserve the right to say no. I also reserve the right to reject your commission request if I do not feel comfortable writing the scenario.

  • My price is a penny per word. It averages out to $1 per 100 words, $5 per 500 words, $10 per 1,000 words, etc.
  • My limit is 10,000 words, which is $100. This limit may increase or decrease in the future.
  • If you provide me with original characters to write about, I require a character profile for each of them – physical description, personality, and important moments in their history. If I have any questions about them, I will come to you for clarification. I can, however, also create characters to suit your requested scenario if you’d prefer that
  • Once you send me the form below, I will contact you for additional details as well as give you a time frame for when you can expect your completed story.
  • Upon finishing your draft, I will send you a screenshot of your word total and then request your PayPal email to send you an invoice.
  • Once you have paid your invoice, I will send you your full document for you to enjoy!


  • Prompt (be as detailed as you want, whether it’s a few words or a full outline):
  • Maximum Word Count (100 words min to 10,000 max):
  • Character Profiles (this can be in whatever style you want; if you want to provide images or documents instead, I will get those after contacting you):
  • Details (NSFW? Any specific kinks? Violence? Should the characters not actually get together in the end? Is the romance one-sided? Any squicks or triggers that you DON’T want featured?):

Please send me the above form through the contact system below, and I will be in touch with you within 48 hours to talk everything over!