At The Crossing

After years of going unnoticed, the darkness has seen her…

Annabel has enough to worry about.

She’s escaped the suffocating clutches of an abusive religious group. She’s safe in a new home, with her supportive roommate, Kat, who makes her heart flutter. Every day is an opportunity to heal from her childhood trauma while she explores paganism and develops a relationship with a gentler deity.

She would rather not add another spinning plate to her recovery.

But when Kat begins a week-long magical ritual to heal her broken heart, she sprains her ankle on the first day and can’t continue the process. And though Annabel knows a romance with her straight roommate is unattainable, she can’t stop herself from offering to finish the ritual as a proxy.

Annabel’s role seems simple enough. She must go to the crossroads every night and deliver an offering to the unseen being who resides there. If she is polite and respectful, then by the end of the week, the creature should remove Kat’s heartbreak.

There is only one rule: she should not look over her shoulder at the crossing. Because if she locks eyes with the spirit, they could take it as an invitation to follow her home—or keep her.

At the Crossing features a F/Enby pairing involving a human woman and an agender demon.

This book is intended only for adult audiences.

Word Count: 20,000.

Tropes: Unrequited love, monster love, ex-evangelical MC, pagan MC.

Content Notes: [LINK]