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“Kelly Anne broke up with me ’cuz something is wrong with me. That’s what it’s really about. So, fuck you, all right— Is that what you thought you were gonna hear? That my girl fucked me over because I’m nothing but shit?”

Languidly, the tip of Christian’s nose brushed a path down one of the tendons in Logan’s neck, a treacherous warmth that lit up every cell in his body with an aching frustration. “That’s not what Charlotte said.”

Logan scoffed. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“When I asked if I could mess around with you.”

His heart stopped. Logan jerked his head painfully, trying to see Christian from the corner of his eye. “What?”

Christian lifted his head, his lips pulled into a frown and his eyes a warm, bright brown. “She said we could.”

Their new attraction feels dangerous, but ignoring it is impossible.

Playing Around is the first book in the series Rough Play. It is a bisexual erotic contemporary/new adult romance that concludes in an MM HFN, but features a polyamorous vee (M1/M2 and M1/F) for a portion of the novel. Cheating is not a factor in this book, nor is there any jealousy drama around the third person.

Available in digital or paperback!

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